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Date(s) - 18/05/2019
2:00 pm-7:00 pm

Studio SoniC


.¸¸.•▼ WILD WOMAN DANCE ▼•.¸¸.*

▼•.¸¸.* Surrender to the soft wildness *.¸¸.•▼

As the interest to this topic of soft wildness was so immense, we decided to offer a sequal ♥

” Trance

Tribal Authentic Movement

Drumming & Singing

Sisterhood & Support

Healing ”

~ with Sanket,Tuulia and Ayam


ENGLISH: (Deutsch siehe unten)

We women meet in a protected space, that allows us to experience our wild, archaic power. For this we will drum, sing and dance. Our bodies will sink into a light Trance, so that we may experience the moment in full awareness, and that our movement will become honest and authentic.

The specialty in this dance is that as women we support and hold each other through the process. This Feminine power has a strong healing effect.

The roots of this dance are in Africa, and was brought to Europe with other shamanic teachings. In this evening, you may express everything you are and feel, in the moment. You may be loud or quiet, wild or soft, it can be laughter, screaming, crying or stillness. Anything you need to journey in yourself.

The wild energy is the one, that is anchored deep in the heart standing for the unconditionally and inner truth. When we allow it to be expressed through the body, we enter a state of deep love towards ourselves and each other.

Wild Woman Dance was originally created by Maria Brüderl from München. The dance originates from a traditional Senégalian trance dance, where women shake them selves into a trance state and both men and women hold space by drumming and singing throughout the entire time. It combines any healing techniques that all culminate in being held and seen in a circle, trust, vibrational medicine of sound and movement.

We are a team that consist women from around Germany, who have studied this method and we work together in organizing the events and holding space, each of us bringing our own unique elements and gifts to the circle.

Each Wild Woman Dance event is different, often having a theme revolving around the healing of the wounded feminine.

We start at 14.00, so come 10 min earlier to arrive
Opening Circle 14.00-14.30
Warm up around 14.30-16.00
Wild Woman Dance 16.00-19.00

25 € as a transfer when booking your seat
–> 30 € on the door

after that cash only if places are still available

Drinking water, something personal for the altar, a percussive Instrument (drum, shaker, or even just a plastic bottle filled with rice will do).

Seats are limited!


✨ Sanket
Sanket is a space holder in colourful ways.
Born in Bulgaria, since 11 years living in Germany, a world citizen.She is a servant of love and a priestess of the truth, moved by the mystery of different colours and traditions that unites in One Love.
She is a heart singer, intuitive cook, women circle facilitator and a conscious event organizer.
She has completed an education in holistic & creative therapies, psychology consultant and has a background in work with children, gastronomy and community life.
Sanket has joined through the last 12 years various workshops and courses on different kinds of yoga, personal development, spirituality, psychology, shamanism, tantra, music, dance, meditation and health.
Following the path of Bhakti – Universal Love, Unity in Diversity, Brotherhood&Sisterhood, she is passionate about the journey of the soul, humanity and the healing magic of the circle.
Her latest actual topics are Honest Communication, Relationships, Sacred Sexuality and living from the Heart.
Trough the platform Healing Chants, she&other conscious artists are offering diverse circles based on conscious music, dance and togetherness.
She also works with vegan food catering.

Tuulia is a singer&songwriter with northern roots.
She makes medicine songs in her mother tongue, Finnish, and uses the Joik and Inuit throat singing technique in her Healing Arts -concept “Music as Medicine”.
Her gift is to evocate freedom and create a space of sounds, with her voice and drum, from the deep beyond, and channel the Goddess in all her forms from maiden ’til grandmother.
In her music she mixes in also acoustic guitar, and modern styles with earthbound yet angelic vocals.
She has collected archaic songs since her first singing circles by the fire as a child in The Rainbow gatherings. Her instruments, guitar and drum, her father and the Elders around the fires were her teachers.
She feels honoured to share the sacred music, and awaken your authentic voice within, and in this way serve for the opening of ourselves, so that the energy may flow, and be channelled into the desired goal. She loves to touch people and make emotions move – opening your heart is her bliss.

✨ Ayam
Ayam is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, musician, singer & Song writer, space holder, and a performer of many different performance art and healing practises in which sound voice and movement becomes a media of communication discovery and creation.
Her biggest passion is the connection between dance and music and to explore music and sound in healing practises.
She followed many different medicine teachers, supporting ceremonies with singing and holding space.
She trained as a Kirtan space holder, and she likes to work with shamanic trance drumming singing and Dancing – her biggest teachers.
She is a certified Pilates, yoga and dance teacher and she is teaching dance and body awareness with a somatic approach for the past 10 years.
Her wish is to provide a protected space and serve a healing process, to bring people in connection to there hearts and the connection to each other through sound and music, singing & dancing together.


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