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Our call to you

This is a call to the women of the ecstatic Earth.

A call to those women who walk between worlds.

Who feel in their hearts and in their wombs they are here to birth a new way of living on earth, that aligns with the earth, that ‘is the earth’.

This is a call to those women who desire now to fully follow the ecstatic pulse of the earth towards their own destiny.

This is the journey that we, as ‘Women of the Ecstatic Earth’ are inviting you to come on.

On this in person initiation journey we will dive deep into the magic & mysteries hidden in the vibration of your own voice and the wisdom of your body, which act as a bridge between Spirit & Matter.

You will get to hear the song of your essence through Joik singing (translation: “soul singing”), which originates from the nordic Sápmi folk of Lapland & Inuit throat singing aka. “Katajjaq” from North America. The Soul Voice can be understood as the authentic voice – it is pure, uninhibited and deeply from the heart.

The unfolding of this soul & matter Initiation will be supported by Vocal Archetypes that act as an inspiration to expand the singer’s authentic expression & colors in the voice. We will be working with Voices connected to the Heart, Womb & Base dedicating each day to different parts of our body, that is our Earth – and is ultimately connected to the entire planet.

Core Practises and Rituals

You will be guided into shamanic embodied practices and rituals, which will activate you to stand for your human heart in all its expression. From there we will be connecting deeply with the ancient waters of the womb and its primordial dark. We will complete the journey by descending all the way down to the base, and identify layers of fear & conditioning which prevent us from recognising our deeper truth.

Sound as well as Matter consist of vibration, and it is proven that the entire Universe consists of different vibrations in constant motion — called energy. We have a source in our voices & bodies creating direct frequencies of energy, when married with an intention. Our individual vibrations become a powerful tool, when the personality (ego) is able to step aside for a moment, so the soul can radiate through. It is in a moment when we stop trying, and let life move through us.

Your song is needed. It´s time to sound your call.

We are on the brink of facing the birth of a new civilisation on Earth. Life is asking more from us than ever before; to break our hearts deeper open, to reclaim the ecstatic nature in our bodies, to step into vulnerable, daring, surrendered leadership.

We are to be the Temple, to be the Revolution, to be the Love that is needed in this world.

We are being asked to face the most hidden parts of our shadows — to shed layer after layer of masks & identity and to die into more aliveness.

This journey is your initiation into becoming a Priestess in service to the Heart of the Earth.

How to feel your yes for “Women of the Ecstatic Eart”

If this journey is meant for you, you will feel and hear it in the fast beat of your heart, when reading this text. You will know deeply in your being, that you’re destined to be part of the great resurrection of the Women of this Ecstatic Earth — the ones who have always been here.

Your facilitators:




Tuulia is a shamanic singer and priestess of eros. Her work is dedicated to the liberation of the full expression of the voice of the soul, through opening the body, mind & heart as a channel between Matter & Spirit. She stands for the the reclamation of the inherent wild innocence in sexuality and of the divinity of the human body, through Love.

She guides individuals & groups in the art of soul singing, embodiment, (vocal) archetypes, rituals & magic.

Her ability to drop into a strong state of trance allows her to open portals with her voice, and channel Life in all its spectrum, creating spaces where light & dark can be experienced as One.

Her passion is to support others to shine & believes in the empowerment of embracing the authentic self through deep vulnerability. “The human heart is the Source of the Song of Life, and we are to allow it to be sung through us.”


Karolina is a “Dark Love” priestess and mentor & turned on by connecting the mystery with the ordinary. Her work is dedicated to support women in bringing their personality and body in contact with the deep core of their essence; in alignment with Soul & Earth.

Holding a deep connection to the shamanical realms, she creates spaces, where trauma informed coaching melts with deep embodiment, ritual & magic.

She believes that we, as humanity, can recognise ourselves as earth and stand in oneness, once we give our consent to undress and break our hearts open to the core of our being.

She brings forth the power of simplicity in daily soul embodiment, with a deep focus on descending into our humanness, which enables us to live and create from an integrated soul based state.

Her path has been guiding her since 2018 into a soul based work, which is in service for women who are feeling resonance in a pull that

“calls you to something more, than you are”.



Katharina -AnahitA

Sound Resonance Healer & Medicine Woman

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