With this music you embark on a journey through breathtaking landscapes, endless vastness, and untouched nature.

Like a bow and arrow, it crosses around the world from Mongolia to India to Japan, from Africa to Australia to Scandinavia and back.

Earthy didgeridoo rhythms merge with Japanese koto and angelic singing. Nordic-style shamanic songs describe inner landscapes and dreamy flute melodies line dream paths.

Light and shadow, powerful and dark, the next moment lace like – delicate and touching, the pieces interweave into a mystical veil that paints a universal sound painting.

The band’s own compositions are inspired by their personal connection to nature and the moving impressions in life. Many years of friendship and the connection between father and daughter to the special and intimate character of the music.

In the center of NOAIDI is the charismatic singer Tuulia with her unique, multi-faceted voice, carried by the earthy sound of the didgeridoos and surrounded by the heartbeat of the drum.

In addition to the delight for ears, the eyes also receive a pleasant experience. Dance performances and body painting contribute to the enjoyment, as well as the natural images full of beauty and grace, which accompany the concert in the background. NOAIDI enchants the senses.

Alongside Tuulia NOAIDI has two more talented musicians:

Oliver Winthoc Möhwald

Tuulia’s father

Instruments: Didgeridoos, Percussion, Koto, Monochord, Tanpura, Jew’s harp, vocals

Oliver Winthoc is one of the founders of the didgeridoo scene in Germany.

His melodic as well as percussive didgeridoo arrangements sound as multi-faceted as an orchestra. In Germany, he has made a name for himself with the projects Naturzauber and Terré Tribal Trance. Heaven and earth merge in a seamless unity in his performances, when he accompanies Koto melodies rhythmically with the didgeridoo – which he plays at the same time.

He has been involved in several national and international projects and CD productions. Performances at the Philharmonie München, Festhalle Plauen, theaters and concert halls, churches and castles in Germany and abroad as well as many years of regular solo performances.


Babek Bodien

Instruments: Percussion Riq, Gatam, Djembe, Bansuri, Indian Flute, Jew’s Harp, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Piano, Vocals

The songwriter and multi-instrumentalist can look back on numerous CD productions ranging with different genres. His compositions are full of passion and devotion to music that make his performances a great and touching experience. For many years he has had concert tours in Germany and abroad, solo, with Pulsare, Armin Metz, Satyaa & Pari, Lulu & Mischka and many other projects.

He gives the music of NOAIDI by his gift harmoniously combining shamanic and spiritual music of different traditions, with a very special touch.