Since the beginning of my life, I knew I was to be a singer. I always knew how to sing – as if this was what I had been doing for lifetimes. When I received my first shamanic drum, it became my first teacher in the awakening of my own shamanic body & voice.


into the art of Joik singing.

Joiking is the biggest part of my shamanic vocal work – a nordic archaic improvisation based singing technique (translation:  “soul singing”). I also teach Inuit throat singing, aka. Katajjaq — a trance inducing animal mimicking through repetitive breath, voice & throat growl patterns.

Another important piece are the Vocal Archetypes, which have revealed themselves through me in the years of guiding vocal spaces. They are a learning modality for expanding the color & expression of the voice, as well as a portal for meeting hidden parts of the unconscious. They open a spectrum of shamanic power as a singer to channel a specific energy when combined with soul singing.

This vocal work is not only about becoming a great singer, but to truly learn to sing from a place beyond concepts and judgment – authentic, daring & vulnerable. It is about accessing the very core of your heart & being through the voice and unlocking the hidden potential that is waiting there to shine into the world.

Another big part of what I am offering is a transmission of the innocence in eros & sexual energy as a gate way to God. 

I am deeply connected to the Sacred Whore -archetype, who carries the vibration of Mary Magdalene who is fully human, yet fully divine. 

My own soul sings in the language of flesh & pleasure, here to support you to activate your life force as a powerful transformational force of nature.

I have studied with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts; Sexual Shamanism), finished the 6 week Intensive Temple Training of Highden Mystery School, and am currently a member of the AVATARA, an online mystery school platform, formerly known as Shamballa School.

“Through Tuulia I found my soul!”

Her valuable work changed my entire life as it is simply so  much more than just singing lessons…

Her work is very profound & shamanic and cannot be compared to a normal voice trainer!  Working together made me much more self-confident and I dare now to sing out of my  authentic self more freely.”

 – T. K. N. L.

“A voice that pierces to the core of your heart”

How to work with me

1:1 coaching


Soul & Voice Mentorship:

I offer holistic private vocal -& transformational sessions online tailored to your level, needs & desires. We will be focusing on the development of the singing skills and/or alignment of the body-mind, heart & sex to soul.

The vocal package will consist of pre-recorded video lessons and private zoom calls, in which we will dive deeper to the material & hold space for emotional healing.

  •  Singing technique & body awareness
    • Joik & Inuit throat singing
    • The Vocal Archetypes
    • Rhythmic and shamanic drumming
  •  Embodiment; Breath, Sound, Movement, Presence
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Rituals
  • The Cross by Bruce Lyon – a map of universal polarities & archetypes