Since the beginning of my life, I knew I was to be a singer. I always knew how to sing – as if this was what I had been doing for lifetimes. When I received my first shamanic drum, it became my first teacher in the awakening of my own shamanic body & voice.


into the art of Joik singing.

Joiking is the biggest part of my shamanic vocal work – a nordic archaic improvisation based singing technique (translation:  “soul singing”). I also teach Inuit throat singing, aka. Katajjaq — a trance inducing animal mimicking through repetitive breath, voice & throat growl patterns.

Another important piece are the Vocal Archetypes, which have revealed themselves through me in the years of guiding vocal spaces. They are a learning modality for expanding the color & expression of the voice, as well as a portal for meeting hidden parts of the unconscious. They open a spectrum of shamanic power as a singer to channel a specific energy when combined with soul singing.

This vocal work is not only about becoming a great singer, but to truly learn to sing from a place beyond concepts and judgment – authentic, daring & vulnerable. It is about accessing the very core of your heart & being through the voice and unlocking the hidden potential that is waiting there to shine into the world.

Another big part of what I am offering is a transmission of the innocence in eros & sexual energy as a gate way to God. 

I am deeply connected to the Sacred Whore -archetype, who carries the vibration of Mary Magdalene who is fully human, yet fully divine. 

My own soul sings in the language of flesh & pleasure, here to support you to activate your life force as a powerful transformational force of nature.

I have studied with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts; Sexual Shamanism), finished the 6 week Intensive Temple Training of Highden Mystery School, and am currently a member of the AVATARA, an online mystery school platform, formerly known as Shamballa School.

She has the gift of opening portals

to ancient, archaic deep wisdom encoded in the DNA to  be found in every woman.

-Victoria S.

How to work with me

1:1 coaching

Introduction to soul singing

9 month online training

 Soul & Voice Mentorship:

I offer holistic private vocal -& transformational sessions online tailored to your level, needs & desires. We will be focusing on the development of the singing skills and/or alignment of the body-mind, heart & sex to soul.

The vocal package will consist of pre-recorded video lessons and private zoom calls, in which we will dive deeper to the material & hold space for trauma healing.

  • Singing technique & body awareness
  • Joik & Inuit throat singing
  • The Vocal Archetypes
  • Rhythmic and shamanic drumming
  • Embodiment; Breath, Sound, Movement, Presence
  • Somatic approach to trauma & nervous system
  • Rituals