Tuulia Music

Tuulia Music

Prayers to Spirit
and other worldly whispers

Soulsongs from the north – Love songs from the heart

With an angelic yet earthbound voice

Prayers to Spirit
and other worldly whispers   

Soulsongs from the north –
Love songs from the heart

With an angelic yet
earthbound voice

She writes in her native language finnish and in english, inspired from her great respect towards mother nature, ever dwelling emotional landscapes, and shamanic spirituality. Acoustic guitar, shamandrum, percussion, sound instruments are her instruments alongside her voice. Her speciality are archaic singing techniques, such as Joik, Inuit throat singing and native style chanting.

She has a talent to surrender into serving as a channel, and tap into intuitive, deep shamanic magic powers through her voice. A voice from maiden until grandmother…

Her voice has an extremely wide color spectrum and range. She can embody many different beings, through her voice and create all kinds of different spaces between heaven and earth.

“… along with the wicked dark witch, a sweet angel is singing in me, and this is the essence of my gift; to create a space where light and shadow intertwine.”

The listener may recognize various styles influencing her sound. Alongside ethnic music, soul, jazz, blues, indie, pop and even classical music, have inspired her in the creation of her own unique fusion as a modern world music vocalist – She is a professional singer capable of many styles.

Through her childhood in Rainbow Gatherings, she has inherited many circle songs, from her father and the elders around the fires. She keeps on honoring her heritage, and spreading and creates heart opening singing circles on a regural basis.

Tuulia creates medicine music and singer&songwriter songs for sacred circles, inner journey & healing.

Her music and voice has been described deeply touching, powerful and inspiring.

If your are enchanted by the pictures on the lake with Tuulia, here a tip how to bring magic like this into your every day life:

Photographer Branka Kokol’s tarot cards – Zauberhafte Magie für Deinen Alltag (Schirner Verlag 2019). 44 cards, in which of many Tuulia also appears in, taken in the most beautiful and powerful places of mother earth, with wonderful human fairies and shaman women. The cards and rituals are designed to inspire deep connection to ourselves and our unique incredible planet, which needs our care and deservesto be honored.

Pictures taken at Tuulia’s most important work event of the year –
New Healing Festival
, year 2018, Germany.

Order:  branka.kokol@online.de / FB: Branka Kokol