3rd of January  – 3rd of September 2023


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This is a soul initiation for female bodies through the art of shamanic singing, drumming & temple arts.

A 9 month long transformational journey, a group pregnancy into soul-based leadership, embodied power & love, through embracing the unique vibration of your being & voice, and bringing them into service of the world.

“I call upon the primordial womb,
The one Life pulsating in our core,
The Ones resurrecting with a roar.

I call upon her,
The sound of her dark waters,
Earth´s ecstatic, savage daughters.

It is Time to step through the portal,
Whilst singing your song of destiny,
Together weaving a new paradigm of reality.

It is time to take your place,
as a sacred pillar with your power of choice,
As a woman who walks between world,
With the Source in her voice.”

Tools & Practices:

Our tools will be nordic archaic singing techniques (Joik & Katajjaq, Inuit throat singing), vocal archetypes, singing technique; body-voice awareness exercises, embodiment, eros, sharing circles, rituals and the ancient art of drumming.

We will dive into the world of soul songs through the ancient art of the northern European “Joik” (translation: “soul singing”), a tradition from the Sámi folk of the land of Sápmi (aka. Lappland – an area existing in the north of Norway, Sweden, Finland & Russia). This ancient technique is based on improvisation, embodying the desired feeling/animal/person/place/etc. with the singer’s individual imprint.

The second nordic archaic technique we will explore is “Katajjaq”, Inuit throat singing, from the natives of the Arctic regions of North-America. It consists of breathing sounds and growls, both on inhalation and exhalation, in repetitive trance-like patterns portraying sounds of nature & animals.


The Vocal Archetypes & The Cross

The Vocal Archetypes are tools & inspirations for expression and color of the voice, and for creating magic, which I have received through my own journey with the voice & the drum.

They are based loosely on the sacred feminine archetypes; Mother, Maiden, Wild Woman & Crone.

The Cross is a map of polarities created by one of my most beloved teachers Bruce Lyon, based on feminine, masculine, light & dark principles. (e.g. Light = subtle, energy, soul — Dark = dense, matter, body.)

The Cross guides one into deep self reflection, aiding in the discovery & integration of the different mature, immature & distorted qualities of the personality and soul emergence.

Eros has power to ignite the flame of the Soul

Eros, as in sacred s*xual energy is one of the most powerful energies human beings have access to. It is our Life force, linked directly to creativity, and cultivating it is an important step in opening the body for more soul. In order to reach our full potential, it is necessary to reclaim back the power & divinity that lives on our wombs, p*ssy & base.

If this journey is meant for you, you will feel and hear it on the fast beat of your heart, when reading this text. 

This is a deep commitment to showing up for Life & to your voice.

Are you ready?

You will feel it,

deep in your core,

You will hear the call



– a minimum of medium level in intonation & rhythm is required to be able to follow the practice videos.

If you do strongly feel the call for this online journey, yet are not sure what your level is, I invite you to contact me and I will happily answer any questions or book a free discovery call of 30 min.


The training lasts 9 Months, and consists of —

 either 9 x 1,5 hrs OR 18 x 45 min private calls ( = once 1,5hrs or twice 45 min a month).

 9 x online weekend workshops on Saturdays & Sundays (approx. 3 hrs each day, with breaks) every 4 weeks.

 11 pre shot video material packages on vocal work each Pillar (duration 30-90 min).

 6 x Drumming lesson videos (duration 45 – 60 min).

 A Telegram support group

 Homework – short recordings of one’s voice & drum journey

 Guest facilitators!

LIVE GATHERING 1st – 3rd of September 2023 included in the price (exclusive of personal travel costs) in Finland, my motherland.

Zooms will be recorded & Life time access to all material.

The 10. Pillars – 9. months:

January – 1st Pillar

Opening ceremony: 1st of January

Workshop: 14th & 15th of January

Earth & Sky Connection

Embodied Elemental Voice Warm up & Meditation.

Aligning the mind, body & heart; beginning to open the Channel to Spirit through the voice & body.


Workshop: 11-12h February

Earth – Matter & Body

Vocal Technique & Body Awareness, Posture, Breath; exercises for opening and training the vocal cords and how to arrive to the body & breath, and into trust and confidence as a vocalist.

Connecting with Love in Matter, preparing the body for the Soul to land.


                Workshop: 11th & 12th of March

Sky – Soul & Spirit


Joik singing – Theory & Improvisation

Discovering the sound and feel of your unique soul voice & vibration.

The Cross: Light Masculine archetype stands for Soul, Consciousness Presence and the connection to Source.


Workshop: 15th & 16th of April

THE CROSS & VOCAL ARCHETYPES: Dark Feminine – The Witch & Wild Woman

This month we will explore the raw life force, wildness and medicine of the Dark Feminine in and out of the Voice.

She stands for sacredness of all Life, divinity in matter & the human body, emotional expression and the reclamation of the power & sacredness of sexuality. 


 Workshop: 6th & 7th of May

THE CROSS & VOCAL ARCHETYPES: Dark Masculine – The Warrior & Dark King

The Dark Masculine aspect is the protector, he stands for what he believes in, and is ready to kill all that which doesn’t serve Life.

Embodying the Animal, Truth & True Power.


Workshop: 10th & 11th of June

THE CROSS & VOCAL ARCHETYPES: Light Feminine – Angel –  Mother & Maiden

Light Feminine carries the power of softness, purity, the transmission of pure love, compassion, nourishment & grace, which we will explore in and out of song.



Workshop: 8th & 9th July

 The Grandmother, Crone, Wise Woman – Ancestors & DEATH

This month we will face & let go of the parts of ourselves that need to die, in order for us to become fully available for the One Life to move through us. We will dive deep into the world of our ancestral voices, and embrace grief as a portal to more love, and death as a portal to soul.

Inuit throat singing & theory – The Underworld, Unknown & VOID

Workshop: 29th & 30th July

Inuit throat singing – theory

You will receive the first basic sounds and combinations and how to practice them.

We will journey to the Underworld, into the Unknown and through the Black hole and unbecoming.

We will tap into the art of deep listening of the Dark –  how to create, transmit & sing from the Source.


Workshop: 26th & 27th August

 Inuit throat singing part 2 – The Underworld, Unknown & VOID

We will discover the rest of Inuit throat singing & practice being a lived expression of the channels of Pure Life, which we always have been. Deepening our inherent Oracular gifts.


Soul & Voice Initiation

A guided 90 min initiation journey to integrate all the knowledge, and to open the channel fully between the body and Spirit.


GATHERING 1.-3.9.2023

After journeying for 9 months online, we will gather to midwife together the rebirth of the group!

Location is Nikkilä Temple in Finland, a sacred land of soul emergence, with pristine landscapes, lake, sauna, fire & more.




Includes online tuition, shared accommodation and meals at the gathering, taxes, and all course materials during the 9 month journey.

Tuition excludes any incurred costs getting to and away from the venue.

An initial non-refundable deposit of 500 € secures your place at this training.


SUPER EARLY BIRD – 3333 € – ends & to be paid by 18th of September OR You have been to a paid online offering or worked 1:1 with me

Early Bird – 3533 € Paid up front until 18th of October

 REGULAR – 3833 €  – to be paid full up front until 18th December

Installment option: 9 monthly installments, +15% will be added to the price


A commitment to the Source in Her Voice is a deep commitment to yourself.

It is assumed that, if you feel drawn to this training & initiation journey, it is no accident. If for some reason you become unable to attend, you have the following options:

Should you cancel for any reason:

More than 30 days before the start, 3rd Jan 2023: You will be refunded your deposit and/or subsequent payments you have made, minus a 150 € administration fee.

Less than 30, but more than 14 days before the training: You will be refunded any tuition paid minus the € 500 deposit.

Less than 14 days before the training: No refund.

CORONAVIRUS EXCEPTION: If you must cancel due to covid-19 infection before the 3rd January 2023 you will receive a full refund, including deposit. If you can not attend the gathering in September due to covid, there will be a refund of 225 € which covers the cost of accommodation per person. You are asked to present medical verification of a positive test to be refunded.


She has the gift of opening portals to ancient, archaic deep wisdom encoded in the DNA to  be found in every woman. If you are looking for more than a singing class, but a genuine  initiation into a highly spiritual way of drumming and singing she is the right one for you.” –  Victoria S.

“By creating a framework of focused presence, playfulness and co-creation, she guided me  through several one-on-one journeys that went way beyond vocal coaching and opened up  deeper layers in my being. Exploring the vocal cords always went hand in hand with  untaming more of my primal aliveness and power. At all times, Tuulia held a safe and  mindful container for this to unfold. I could fully trust her and relax into her guidance”. –  Daniel C.  

“I can hear the ancestors singing through her voice.” – unknown *

Transformation process and more than just “singing”!!! – Christine C.

“Tuulia’s work has touched me deeply; her voice and her loving way of conveying her art is  a great gift for anyone who wants to learn to express their soul’s song. 

Working with her will help you to explore your own voice without fear and with a lot of joy,  and to learn how to touch other people deep in their souls with your voice. – Mara O.  

“She has a different approach than other vocal coaches, due to her presence in her heart  the entire time we worked together”. – Sveva G. 

“I can hear the ancestors singing through her voice.” – unknown * 

The human heart is the Source of the Song of Life and we are here to allow it to be sung throuh us.