Welcome to a sound experience for the soul 

An evening in which angelic yet earth bound vocals & shamanic soundscapes accompany you on an embodied sound journey concert.

You will be invited to journey laying down & to relax – as the nervous system relaxes, so does the mind, allowing for a natural trance state of the body. You may also sit or change into any position at any time that feels right for you & supports you to stay connected with yourself.
In this liminal space, we may experience hidden places of the subconscious, interact with parts of ourselves and/or simply integrate & rest.

All is welcome here.

TIME: 20.15 – 22.30
includes opening & closing circle
PRICE: 29 €
Yogabande, Fröbelstr 18, 30451 Hannover



Tuulia’s expressive & emotional voice, capturing all facets of life, has been said to being deeply heart opening. Through nordic archaic singing, drum, monochord, guitar as well as medicine songs in Finnish, Spanish, English & other sound instruments, she will lull you back home, to the folds of the earth.